An esthetician gives you a relaxing, stimulating and cosmetic treatment of face and body. An esthetician treats your skin and your makeup, and gives you, if you want, advice on products and treatments that are good for your skin. Today we pay much attention to body care and our appearance and we want to look as good and healthy people, therefore they go more often to a beautician. Here you can relax and let the body and limbs get treat. After such a visit, we often feel much more comfortable, wonderfully neat and relaxed.


How many times a year we do a facial skin care

The ideal treatment is once a month at the beauty salon with a good care at home:

  • Morning and evening cleaning (milk and lotion)
  • A day cream in the morning
  • A night cream in the evening (day and night cream can be replaced by a 24 hours cream)
  • An eyecream in the morning and evening
  • 1 x a week a peeling
  • 1 x a week a mask

Do not use a day/night cream around the eyes, alwaysuse a special eyecream.


How many times a year we do a pedicure or a manicure?

1 x a month, at home apply 1 or 2 times a day a hand and footcream.


When hair is half a centimeter long, they are about the right length to be plucked. Shorter is not good because you cannot remove, too long is not good because it is more painful and difficult to remove. Do you suffer from ingrown hairs before waxing? Do not hesitate to use a peeling on legs (not armpits or bikini). You have problems with redness or ingrown hairs after waxing? No worries, I have the right products available. I also have ampuls to make the hair grow slower, lighter and thinner. Request more information.


Be more aware of yourself

Our life is busy and often full of excitement. That in itself is not bad, as long as you learn to relax by time. A massage can provide relaxation. By this respectful treatment and caring you feel better how your body works. Again, you become aware of yourself. A massage is a great way to completely relax your body and soul and take a break from the daily grind and restlessness. A massage has a calming and refreshing result, physically and psychologically. The research shows that, these days, more people likes a massage because they have stress at work. So people are looking for the person who can give the massage which removes the stress. Because massage helps against stress. Not only stress is increasing the number of massages, many people want to get more out of the weekend with their partner. Therefore, they go to a beauty center together to relax after a long work week. Most people feel reborn after a massage in a beauty center. You can try.


Earcandles, initially presented by the Hopi-indians, are cleanning the region of the head and throat and give a pleasant feeling. Because of the heat and the chimney effect, waste gets removed and the ear is cleaned.In that way the channels between ear, throat, nose gets cleaned too. Earcandles do not work just to relax, they also reduce the pain in the head and throat and the metabolism and lymphatic system in the neck are stimulated. 16% of all Belgian adults have a hearing impairment. About 1.3 million people suffer from hearing loss of more than 25 db. Only a small minority uses a hearing aid: a sixth of all the people who need it. To restore this hearing loss a treatment with ear candles by an experienced person is a good remedy to stimulate the audience! Earcandles are not done with otitis or perforated eardrum.

Inner ear or cochlea is very sensitive and delicate, and is protected by the bones in our skull rock. It is here that sound information allow tenthousands of small cell cilia to move to the rhythm of the noise. Loud noises are damageing the cilia in the cochlea. It's like the lashes are flattened. Only they arenít recovering and stay damaged.


Most cosmetics have a long life, but not unlimited. There is always a lifetime symbol or date on the product. The symbol is on the cosmetic products that, unopened, are valid more than 30 months. On products that are valid shorter than 30 months, unopened are marked: best used before ...

The symbol gives the minimum lifetime for which the product can be used after opening while keeping optimum efficiency. The minimum lifetime is specified in months (M). The number + M are generally mentioned within a small pot. The actual lifespan depends on how you deal with the product after purchase. The following tips can help you get there.

  • Close product after each use
  • Do not store products in the sun
  • Avoid with mascara and eyeliner that air is pumped in and out of the container with the brush
  • Never take the cream in a pot with unwashed hands. It is preferable to use a spatula or a cotton swab
  • Thoroughly clean sponges, spatulas and brushes that comes in contact with cosmetics and let dry before the (re) use

Symbol is on all products except on products:

  • If branded : use before ... (followed by date)
  • Intended for single use
  • Compounds on the basis of alcohol (eg perfumes)
  • Packaged so they cannot be opened (eg aerosols)
  • Wich by their composition are not perishable