New nail polish colors

This summer, there are many fresh colors available again that suit with your appearance, your clothes or your temperament.


Buy 1 eye designer refill = 1 for free!

New products

The 2 newest products of Mary Cohr! Submarine lipcolor is a pen to color the lips mat. On the other side there is a transparant balsem to let it shine. The anti cernes correcteur teinté is a coloured eyecream against wrinkles and dark circles. Both 20€

Perfect Bronze...

After the top seller Perfect Bronze Mousse for body and face there is also now the Perfect Bronze Face Cream for those who just want to tan their face. 50 ml cream costs 29€ but when buying a Perfect Bronze Mousse (32€-150 ml) you get him for half price.


Whether you are going on vacation or not the sun is coming. This means you need protection. You can separately purchase the solar products but with buying a set you save several euros. A solar set (after sun + cream) costs 29,99€ for factor 30 and 39,99€ for factor 50.

For holidays

For on vacation, Mary Cohr three great sets / trousses:

  • Trousse 1: doux gommage facile (body scrub), soin corps douceur extrême (Lotion), pure minceur rapide (anti-cellulite) 23€
  • Trousse 2: Instant pureté (cleaning face), hydrosmose (face cream hydrating), acti sérum vitalité yeux (serum eyes), energy shower gel (Shower), soin corps douceur extrême (lotion) 25€
  • Trousse 3: (cosmecology from Mary Cohr): Hair shampoo, body shower, hydra body (Lotion), clean skin milk (facial cleanser), moisturize skin (face moisturizing cream) 24€

  • Maternity leave

    My maternity leave is now officially fixed from July 12 till September 12. During this period, the institute will be closed. Meanwhile you will get some news from me by this newsletter.

    *Tips & tricks

    What can you do to prevent acné? 7 Tips:

    • Ensure good cleansing, exfoliation and mask
    • Do not camouflate
    • Hands off, use some rubbing alcohol to make the spot dry out
    • Balanced diet
    • Of course we can not choose when it appear, but a little sun does
    • Get enough rest
    • Regularly wash your clothes and sheets in order to avoid that spots appear on other parts of the body